Briedis |ārlis Lobe, 1963—David Guild, 1993

Translator's note

Note on author:

According to the title-page the author is Aleksandrs Plensners, though the memoir was prepared for publication by M. Akmenajs. The first person sections in the text which have no other referent can be attributed to Plensners.

He seems to have been an eyewitness of many of the events described and encountered on at least one occasion Briedis and General Goppers. He was, it seems, once a participant; for he interrogated the Chekist Erdmanis, a former Latvian rifleman, when he fell into their hands. Where he did not personally witness the events which he recounts he made a point of consulting other survivors of the Latvian Riflemen.

Under Swedish copyright law, "Briedis," including all derivative works, remains under copyright by the original rights holder until 2067, regardless of copyright by Taylor and Francis of David Guild's translation. Our corrected and annotated version of that translation is reproduced by express permission of the late author's wife, Heather Guild. Without prejudice to other rights accorded, "Briedis" is presented here for informational, educational, and research purposes under §20. and §21. of Latvian copyright law and as a protected derivative work under §5. The Goppers archive resides in the Latvian National Library.

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