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We've published a number of mailers since our last announcement. For this Palm Sunday just passed, a special edition at examining how well the Baltic states are doing for their children. The media have been featuring a new book looking at how children in the Netherlands are the happiest; it got us wondering how Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania fared in the 2013 UNICEF study examining the quality of life of our children. The results were not just sobering, but alarming--a cultural wake-up call for all of us. 2017 Apr 11
We need women who speak English and our over 28 yrs who can work as carers, cleaners, hotel and restaurant workers etc. They must be ready to come and stay for at least 6 months or longer

Greetings from Iceland
My company will like to know if you have an interest in working with us. We need somebody who can post the advert below in the local media for people who wish to get in touch. You will receive payment of course and a chance to visit our mystery country Iceland. Let me know what you think. This should be a private job for you and should not be connected to your day job.
Anaconda is a multi purpose company in Reykjavik , Iceland. We are interested in bringing people who want to work in Iceland to get jobs legally. Together with our partner based in Lietuva or Lithuania, we make sure you get what we promise. Do you want to work and make good money in Iceland. Iceland is very close to the Baltics and is a Nordic country so life here is not too different from what you are used to. The weather is not too cold and not too hot either. And there are many social events that can keep you happy after work everyday. Right now the economy is doing very well and there is a need for foreign workers because the country has a small population of workers. They must speak and understand the English language. They must be at least 28 yrs and above,hard working and ready to learn new things.We need workers in building, construction, carpentary, cleaning, hotels, guest houses, helpers at old people,s home, painters,mechanics etc. If you wish to do this just contact the number below.

+354 697 4179 or

monthly starting wage is ISK 300.000-350.000 (EUR 2.000-2.500). 2017 Apr 05

Center for Baltic Heritage[1]

[1]Formerly at URLs LOBH.ORG ("Library of Baltic Heritage") and CFBH.ORG. Those web addresses are still active but direct back to LATVIANS.COM.

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